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    Flex 3 and QuickTest Pro 9.5

      I've searched through this forum but didn't find an answer to my questions. I have read the documentation on Flex Builder 3's support for automated testing, specifically for HP's QTP. While it specifically mentions support for QTP 9.1 and 9.2, can someone from Adobe speak if the Flex 3 add-in works for QTP 9.5?

      The Flex 3 automation documentation says the only browser supported is IE. Is a future release of the add-in going to support FF?

      My last question was on price of the add-in, if there is one. If we're currently a Flex customer, is there any additional fee to use the add-in and automation libraries?

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          No reply huh? Shocker!

          Is the Flex 3.0 Plug-in for Mercury QuickTest Professional still supported at all? The docs are out of date and full of dead links. If you look really hard you can find a few lonely souls posting the same problem with 9.5. I've spent some time with it but I'm really not sure that it's worth it.

          I got as far as looking at the flash logs to see that there's no errors, reinstalling the plug-in, checking and rechecking version numbers and security settings. All pretty much a waste of time if there's some known incompatibility with 9.5.

          So how about it Adobe? If it doesn't work are there any plans to fix it? Perhaps I can convince HP to give me an old version of QTP...

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            quickhands06 Level 1
            jlwa1ker, I completely agree with you. The documentation is out of date, and most of the URLs are rerouted or 404s.

            I'm currently working with Adobe, but through HP support. Progress has been very slow.

            Just curious, are you using Flex Builder? Or are you deploying through another means and if so, is your app presented in JSF?

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              jlwa1ker Level 1
              My application is pure Flex using FlexBuilder. I have an html wrapper and a single swf file. I've tried both the shared and static loading. I like the static loading better because I can be sure that the libraries are in there, but maybe that's because I don't have it working yet.

              I am deploying to an app server (tomcat) on my local machine where both FlexBuilder and QTP are installed.

              I think that going through HP is the right way since you're really buying QuickTest and presumably already own FlexBuilder.

              I was unable to find any support site for QTP on HP. Do you already own it or are you evaluating it?
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                quickhands06 Level 1
                I'm using the Flex SDK but not using FB. As such I'm not hitting an HTML page but a JSF. We deploy using JBoss. I've tested both a local deploy and remote. I'm using QTP 9.2 against IE 6 with Flash Player 9.

                I also prefer the static / compile time method. The runtime method is out of the question because our application will not run correctly.

                We are an HP customer and I can monitor my support ticket from the website ( http://support.openview.hp.com/support.jsp) or by their support #. If you are evaluating QTP you can call the support # and they should try to help you, as it is in their best interest to sell you a license.

                Good luck. I'm hoping for more info from HP and Adobe as well.