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    Managing photos on external SDcards from phone?

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      LR-Mobile can use the phone's additional SDCard storage (at least on my Android). I also believe it can import from a fully external source like a card or camera via USB.


      Q1: But can it make use of photos stored on fully external SDCards connected via the USB port (OTG)? ie can you have your catalog span several external SDcards?

      Q2: Failing that, can it cope with swapping the "internal" removable SDcard to the same ends?



      This would be useful for managing low rated images that you might want one day, but don't want to keep on the phone's storage all the time.


      Workflow would be: LR Mobile for pick/rate/collections

      LR full for serious work retouching.


      Why? Because I have a lot of idle time on the train where I can sort out my 200GBs of 2 decades of photos, so I'm trying to design a workflow that is mobile centred, not PC centred.


      Many thanks,




      PS did due diligence on the FAQ and search first...