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    Lightroom and Adobe Stock

    jimac1953 Level 1

      I use Lightroom CC to manage my Adobe Stock images. I do most of my editing in Lightroom and manage all my images in Lightroom. The publish to Adobe Stock feature in Lightroom works really well for me. If I decide to go back and re-edit an image I've already uploaded to Adobe Stock, maybe brighten it up a little or tweak the colors, will the edits which are done to the image be automatically published as a new image to replace the one in Adobe Stock or do I need to do that manually somehow? How are keywords treated. I've started using the keywording tool in Lightroom to pre-keyword my images before publishing them to Adobe Stock, will those keyword edits be sent to Adobe Stock or do I have to make any edits to keywords in Adobe Stock.



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          MatHayward Adobe Employee

          You are not able to re-edit images that have already been submitted for review. If there is an urgent change necessary you would need to delete the image that was already uploaded to the portal and then resubmit the new version. I do not recommend this however unless it is extremely important. It's important to note that images that were previously approved are not guaranteed to be approved upon secondary review.


          If you add keywords in Lightroom before uploading to Adobe Stock, the embedded keywords will automatically appear in the portal. Note that the auto-keyword tool will be disabled in this case. It is also important to note that Lightroom alphabetizes keywords by default. The Adobe Stock search engine puts greater weight on the first 7 keywords so you should always resort after upload to make sure the most important keywords are listed first.



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