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    Adobe Digital Editions clean install?


      Hello all!


      Here's the situation, I've been doing some testing with ADE 4.5.6 (I'm a librarian and I sometimes help people check out library ebooks through the vendor OverDrive), and I'm running into a problem with the program.


      Whenever I reinstall ADE 4.5.6 the program retains data that had been associated with previous installations. It's still authorizing the program with the old Adobe ID, and I'm still seeing previous old undeletable CloudSync phantom files. Those are phantom ebooks that I had previously downloaded. (CloudSync is a completely different problem for us, but I digress...).


      Clearly not all of the files ADE references are getting deleted when I uninstall it.


      So my question is this: Is there a way to completely unilstall ADE and REinstall it as though it had never been on my computer before?