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    Missing fonts (XD can't locate installed system fonts due to name mismatch)



      I'm getting the missing fonts message when opening up files that contain references to certain MS Word-supplied fonts. Specifically, Adobe XD lists the following fonts show up as missing:


      • Fabric External MDL2 Assets-Regular
      • Segoe UI-Bold
      • Segoe UI-Regular


      These fonts are available on my system under slightly different names:


      • Segoe MDL2 Assets Normal
      • Segoe UI Negreta
      • Segoe UI Normal


      It's possible to manually locate these fonts, after which everything works fine.


      File Details

      The file I'm trying to open is supplied by Microsoft: it's their design guide for the Office Fabric.js Layout system, available here: https://static2.sharepointonline.com/files/fabric/fabric-website/files/officeuifabric.zip (Source page: Home - Office UI Fabric )


      Font Details

      Fonts are supplied by Microsoft, available here: https://aka.ms/SegoeFonts (Source page: Design toolkits and resources for UWP apps - UWP app developer | Microsoft Docs )


      XD Version Beta, CS


      System version

      MacOS Sierra 10.12.5


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          Bear Travis Adobe Employee

          Hello there,


          Thanks for getting in touch. I would recommend removing your installed Segoe UI fonts via Font Book, and then re-installing them from a fresh download from the design toolkits page. The Fabric MDL2 font is also separate, and it looks like you can grab it from the Home - Office UI Fabric link you posted above (in a Segoe UI + Fabric font bundle). I was able to open the file after that without issue.


          The problem is that some older versions of the Segoe UI font had a list of localized names that did not have the English name first. Mac tends to treat the first name in that table as the default (you'll see the same behavior in Mac native applications like TextEdit). It looks like Microsoft has since simplified the localized name lists for the Segoe UI fonts so that this won't happen.


          Please let us know if you continue to have issues,



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