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    How to stop new scan from taking over as active file during batch scanning?


      I am using Silverfast Ai 8.8 to batch scan negatives. When the scans are completed, Photoshop (CC 2014.2.2/Windows) is automatically launched (through Silverfast's preference settings), and the scan opens. However, if I am working in that scan (and I tend to make minor corrections that don't take long), and new scan finishes, Photoshop opens that file and makes it the active file, no matter what I am doing. So if I am doing a bit of cloning and stamping, the Clone Stamp tool is suddenly doing the task on the new file, which is obviously frustrating. Is there any easy way to stop Photoshop from forcing the file to be active and just remain open along with the other files that have been opened in the batch?


      Thanks for your help!