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    My saved file was deleted


      I was working on a project and i was saving my progress every few minutes with autorecovery one because the program was crashing every 30 mins . I then left my computer for a few minutes and it went on sleep mode. When I continued working on my project, I kept getting errors when I saved. The error was something like "Unable to save because the application is closing"


      Then I made sure the save I made still worked so I opened the save file when the application was still open from before and the file still worked and everything was there..


      I then closed the application and reopened my file. It opened an older save file so went to the " open recent tab" to see if it was there and my old recovery save file was there and it was. Then I opened it and I got an error saying that it didn't exist.


      I don't have any viruses or anything so I don't know why the file was deleted. If anyone could help that would be great

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          you should be saving your files with increasing version numbers appended to the file name, and not use auto-save (unless you need reminders to save with different file names).


          at this point, you can


          1. use a file explorer to search for you file.

          2. check your trash for deleted files

          3. use file recovery software to recover files that have been removed from trash but not overwritten.