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    Photoshop Selections for 1-color Halftone Screen Print


      First image is what was sent to me for a color change. I am usually handling everything in Illustrator, but I need some expert Photoshop advise as the Screen Output file was ALL from Photoshop and provided in a PSD. The image below is the vector (several color) artwork that I have to work from.


      I can change the text color/stars and line. What I need to change is the fish halftone to be reversed. Currently it is setup to be all highlights as a halftone with the 'darks' fading into the shirt color. What I need to figure out is how to select the image correctly, modify what needs to be changed and get the halftone switch for color on the 'dark' areas with the t-shirt color are the highlights.


      Thank you in advance, I have tried some tutorials on channel selecting but clearly am missing something.




      Ugly Grouper Cornhole Screen Output.pngUG-LOGO_Primary.png