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    Is Muse responsive design worth it?

    wi1dtree Level 1

      For a couple of years, I’ve had a website built in Muse on the Desktop, Tablet & Mobile system.


      This was working (I thought) until recently I found some rather large discrepancies in the way Google was indexing the page e.g. putting both the mobile + Desktop links to different versions of the same page under the website preview meaning on a desktop result I could click through to the phone version and vice versa.


      I’ve been testing ways in which I can shift over to a fluid version


      Here are some issues I’m having


      We’re a movie/event theatre and churn through hundreds of events on our films & events page - I need to work out a way to shift/stack the events by date + be able to add /delete extra films without going through a ton of breakpoints & shifting manually each time (http://avocatheatre.com.au/our-films---events)


      Not being able to opt for a responsive width when dealing with images (and composition widgets), It would be great just to be able to work horizontally without things shifting up and sometimes right/left at the same time with the responsive width + height option


      We have a sessions time page which generates html code + deletes old dates as the day ends - I have no idea how to scale this down within muse



      I’ve tried a number of themes, widgets (both in-built & third party) and wireframes to help solve these issues but haven’t had any breakthroughs


      Is it possible & more importantly EASY to do within Muse or should I scrap that and shift over to something like Wordpress + Divi?


      Here's the website currently - HOME - AVOCA BEACH PICTURE THEATRE