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    ADE says "this book is not activated for current ADE user"


      First off, I have a Mac (OS 10.12.5) and a Nook Glowlight Plus ebook reader, which I'm beginning to understand is a bad, bad combination.


      When I downloaded Overdrive and then Libby onto my iPhone, my library suggested I sign on to ADE using my Overdrive account because that would make it easier to sync library books across my devices. Made sense, and it seems to work fine on my phone and my computer. But when I just tried to open a library book that I loaded onto my Nook, I had to sign on to ADE again, and then got a message saying, "Error opening book.. This book is not activated for current ADE user(s)." Sure enough, when I went to my Nook settings, I saw my e-mail address and a long, complicated letter-letter-and-number set as my ADE id, but when I went to my setting within ADE on my computer, I saw the same e-mail address, followed this time by "| Overdrive (urn:uuid:A-different-long-and-complicated-letter-and-number-set-than-appears-on-my-Nook) as what I assume is my ADE id, along with a checkmark that a note says indicates that this is the default account.


      What I think needs to happen is that I need to get rid of the ADE account number on my Nook and replace it with the one that appears on my computer. What I can't figure out is how. Any suggestions?