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    One Year Sub???


      Hello guys, i was just trying to activate photoshop on my second computer and i tried following all the instructions i could find on the matter before one lot finnaly led me to the real problem, apparently my subscription has expired? the thing is, i got that subscription his year and it was supposed to last a whole year so i don't know what's up.

      Any ideas?one year dude.PNG

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          Log in with your Adobe User ID at Adobe.com and manage your account check your plan expiration date. Your seems to state it expired it would be better if they stated the date it expired so you could reconcile that with your records.  Call Customer service if your records show it should be good to next year.  You paid via Paypal nothing  shows your Adobe subscription start date or end date. Just  that you Activates your Laptop last month. Activation happens on a regular schedule the activation date changes throughout the year.