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    Worst Customer Service I have Experienced


      Curious if other customers have had the misfortune of being as poorly served as I have been. My cloud membership dates back to 2011, however I got my first adobe product (a copy of Photoshop - you know, back when they came on disc?) in 2004.


      I currently have two cloud accounts - Creative Cloud priced at 31.49 a month and Creative Cloud Photography at 10.49 a month. I thought Creative Cloud would replace Creative Cloud Photography and I would only be paying 31.49 a month - wrong, now I'm paying both. My financial situation has changed and I can no longer afford the accounts. I read that you can cancel accounts and pay half remaining balance (almost 100 in my case) or switch to cheaper plans. However, when I tried to do this I received some truly awful service. My only option is to change to a 29.99 membership (not much of a price difference) and RE START the year subscription. Essentially, a financial commitment of 360 on my part. That's more than 100. When I tried to explain this to customer service they get downright unhelpful with responses of "sorry for the inconvenience".


      I would have thought extended customer loyalty would be held in higher regard, especially from a company that charges so much for it's products and "services" (frankly, I have always been underwhelmed by customer support here).


      Unfortunately, Adobe will be losing a customer as soon as my subscriptions are up. What a waste of my time and money. The whole experience left a bad taste in my mouth, especially in closing when the rep I was chatting with changed her story from having "offered me the lowest prices" to then saying I needed to reach out to the sales team for best prices. When I tried to determine which statement was false, she ended the chat on me.