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    Animate CC on windows, files opened and closed remain locked. Animate needs to quit to unlock files.

    PippoApps Level 1


      there is an annoyance using Animate CC on windows (since many versions).

      Any file which has been opened once in Animate, even if it's closed again, remains locked and cannot be renamed/moved/deleted until Animate CC is fully closed.

      This can be quite annoying when working with several files at once, and needing to do files operations, since Animate must be reopened, all files reopened, navigated again to the GUI part I was working, etc.

      This also applies to icons in AIR settings prompt. If I see a preview of an icon, even if I close AIR settings window, afterwards icons stay locked and cannot be overwritten until I close Animate.

      Working with several applications using the same source, this can be very annoying too.

      Nothing too hardcore, but if this can be fixed in next release would be great.

      Thank you