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    on Key Event change sprite and sound

      I can't sort this out for the life of me.
      I have this at the moment....They are cast member scripts.

      There are four movies that switch on mouse clicks along with their associated sound.
      Trouble is that they are different sizes and the largest stays on the screen behind the new clip.
      I tried an unload
      but wherever I put it it did not work.
      I am new to Director and using ver11
      I have put the first clip on channel 1 and its sound on sound channel 1. Then that has a cast memeber script to swap the sound and image from the cast.. Each clip has a cast member script to move to the next clip.

      I did post earlier in the 'basics' a similar problem but have as yet found no solution.
      I really do need to have the changing of clips and of sound driven by key events. But I cannot get any key
      event to be recognised by director when the projector runs..
      Where does one put key.up and key.down in director?
      I really am stuck here and truly any help would be great
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          Level 7
          You can place 'on keyUp' or 'on keyDown' event handlers on any sprites
          that would normally get keyboard input (i.e. editable #text or #field
          sprites as well as certain #flashComponents). You can also make a
          "movie-wide" control by putting an 'on MouseUp'handler in a MOVIE
          script. This event will happen if there is no editable text item on the

          If you want to use a global keyDown handler, you need to set up 'the
          keyDownScript' (refer to the help file for explanation and syntax)