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    Default Save location not saving




      So for Lightroom Classic I setup a network storage location for my originals and the exports. However when I now try to change the default save location to that network share it seems like it doesn't save. When I click 'Done' and restart Lightroom CC, I open up preferences agian and click on 'Your Lightroom CC Files' it still goes to the default location in AppData instead of the network share I just set it to.

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          paulbrickwell Level 1

          It would appear that at this time Adobe does not allow selecting network storage devices as a save location.

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            Don Robertson

            Also, the catalog and previews seem to be fixed on in the AppData. These can be sizable on a large catalog and a tight C drive. I wonder if these can be moved as well? Would need the catalog and previews to be placed on an alternate hard drive in my configuration.

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              Victoria Bampton LR Queen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              No, they're limited to AppData, but you can control the space they're allowed to use with the slider in preferences.

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                Don Robertson Level 1



                The sliders going to be useful, especially for full resolution images. But in my case, my 60,000 photos on Lightroom Classic, requires about 70 gig for the catalog and plus basic previews (no smart previews). In some dual drive notebook situations, the c drive is SSD and tight. Forcing another 70 gigs in my case, perhaps more in others, to AppData is too restrictive won't work.


                Likewise, if you want all images in full resolution, we need support for network/NAS drives. One might want full resolution images as a means for backup for instance. Full resolution image libraries run into multiple terabytes for many users. My full resultion library runs about 1.2 terabytes. I assume this is just a short term issue/bug, as it allows one to choose a network drive, it just did not seem to work


                I say that in a general sense, 70 or 100 gig is not that big of a deal. But in some cases this requires large computer upgrades or replacements to get this specifically for the c drive, versus using a secondary D drive or external drive for storage. The usual approach when large amounts of storage is required, is to provide for an option as to where that storage resides.


                I'm really excited about the cloud based product and I think Adobe appears to have put out a very comprehensive V1 product!

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                  I agree with this conclusion.Annoying the program doesn't simply give an error message that network drives are not allowed. Wasted an hour to figure this out.