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    File icons, not application icons

    JAC1818 Level 1

      I just updated CC to the 2018 version today and it messed up my files. I was able to point each file type to 'open with' to make sure each program opened the proper files, but some of the files on my desktop/in folders show a different icon than others. While the programs themselves work, it is bothersome to me to see the icons look so different and improper. Below is a screenshot of two different icons. The Illustrator file is correct while the Photoshop file is not. I am having trouble with both Photoshop and Premiere Pro icons. I know this isn't a critical issue, but it is visually distracting for the file icons to not look uniform. Please help!

      Ai_correct-icon.png PS_incorrect-icon.png

      On a side note, why do the major CC update ALWAYS mess up my files?! I'm tired of redirecting the programs and renaming the original source files in order for the programs to work!