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    Custom positioning of a signature box

    tarangp485710 Level 1

      I have a PDF & in my PDF I already know where I want to place the signature box.


      I'm using this to create an agreement using the POST rest endpoint (v5)



          "documentCreationInfo": {

              "fileInfos": [


                      "documentURL": {

                          "mimeType": "application/pdf",

                          "name": "....",

                          "url": "http://example.com/example.pdf"




              "name": "Instructions",

              "recipientSetInfos": [


                      "recipientSetMemberInfos": [


                              "email": "someuser@gmail.com",

                              "fax": ""



                      "recipientSetRole": "SIGNER",

                      "recipientSetName": "Bob"



              "signatureType": "ESIGN",

              "signatureFlow": "SENDER_SIGNATURE_NOT_REQUIRED",

              "formFields": [{

                    "locations": [


                        "height": 60,

                        "left": 60,

                        "pageNumber": 1,

                        "top": 90,

                        "width": 100



                    "name": "signature_1",

                    "required": true,

                    "contentType": "SIGNATURE_BLOCK",

                    "displayLabel": "Signature Bob",

                    "inputType": "SIGNATURE"





      However Adobe Sign/Echosign isn't acknowledging formFields and I just see the standard signature box when I get the signing URL. What can I do to control the position of the Signature boxes, so that they are not at the end of the pagr but they are placed at the corresponding top and left I assign to them.

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          aah08b Level 1

          Here is the JSON for a custom signature form field location that works successfully with one of my forms:



                  "name": "echosign_signature1",

                  "inputType": "SIGNATURE",

                  "contentType": "SIGNATURE",

                  "fontSize": "8",

                  "required": "true",

                  "readOnly": "false",

                  "defaultValue": "",

                  "recipientIndex": "1",

                  "locations": [{

                      "pageNumber": "1",

                      "top" :"485",

                      "left": "136",

                      "width": "175",

                      "height": "18"




          While SIGNATURE_BLOCK is a valid value for contentType, I typically use SIGNATURE. Have you had issues with other field types, or just the signature boxes?