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    New Lightroom CC fails with "access denied"

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      I have tried and failed to run the new Lightroom CC app on my iMac (5k, 27", late 2015, running MacOS 10.13 High Sierra with the latest patches).


      I have a Creative Cloud Photography subscription and the Creative Cloud desktop installer showed me both "Lightroom CC" and "Lightroom Classic CC" as available full downloads. After I downloaded Lightroom CC it started to run, but then failed with an error message saying it was not able to sign up to my account (even though it showed the right account name).


      The error message contained the string "{"error":"access_denied"}" and continues "Please check your account information". When I click on OK, it opens my Adobe online account management page (where I am currently signed in) on the "Account" tab. But there is no trace of what might have gone wrong: I am logged in and my ID is verified (green check mark).


      Just to clarify:


      Lightroom Classic CC shows me under the "Help" menu that I am logged in with my account details, but when I go into the menu "Lightroom > Preferences > Lightroom CC" it says that I am not logged in - and it gives me no possibility to change that: the "join" button leads to the general Photography Subscription page, the "Additional account information" button to my online account management.


      I cross-checked my subscription, and it is the Creative Cloud Photography subscription including both CC and Classic CC.


      What can be the reason for this?




      Description changed for clarification