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    Can I just update and continue my existing subscription?


      I have an existing $9.99 per month subscription to Creative Cloud, for LR cc and Photoshop. It is an automatic monthly Visa payment. Now they want me to upgrade to a new version and call it LR Classic. Can I just download that and carry on as normal? I have no interest at present in the cloud based new LR cc.





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          KanikaS Adobe Employee



          We have recently introduced a few new Photoshop/ Lightroom plans with different storage space. It's up to you to upgrade your plans or continue with the same.


          You may please see the plans here: Creative Cloud pricing and membership plans | Adobe Creative Cloud


          The current plan you have includes:

          • Adobe Photoshop CC
          • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC on desktop, mobile, and the web
          • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC
          • Adobe Portfolio
          • Adobe Spark with premium features
          • 20 GB cloud storage


          Let us know if you have any questions.




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            First of all, I am somewhat irritated about the information policy we subscribers got beforehand - where is the information email informing us about such major changes and explaining all our options beforehand??? Are you serious? - that is a new low in customer service...


            But to a more practical point, I have roughly the same question - I have a 9,99 USD monthly subscription for LR and Photoshop CC in Germany (roundabout 11,90ish Euro). But my account shows per today only Photoshop CC as new plan - as already mentioned, I had up until now the Photographic Plan (Photoshop and Lightroom CC for 11,) - please confirm, that this has not changed. The new Abo plans seem somewhat different for Germany - at least if one follows the account information - if it is the same worldwide, somebody should fix that German account interface asap as it is irritating as hell right now.


            I hope I do not need to leave Adobe, but I am not interested in that whole cloud crap at all - my photos stay exactly where they are now - on my harddrives and nowhere else! I only use and need Photoshop and Lightroom (Classic). So if I cannot have it without unwanted stock images and unwanted cloud storage and have to pay for that substiantially more than now (47 Euros per month - are you sick???), I will have to go elsewhere. Sorry to say so!

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              KanikaS Adobe Employee

              I understand your confusion around the plans, however, since these have been recently introduced they are available on our website.

              Also, the plan that you are on does not change at all. It's just that based on our customer's feedback we have introduced different plans with different storage options.


              Nothing changes for your plan.


              You may also Contact Customer Care for more information.