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    Quit Bug / Issue on OS X (10.4 and 10.5)

      I have a javascript / HTML application that uses a chromeless window (this may or may not be related to the issue) and everything works great except for one thing: If I hit Command-Q to quit the app, nothing happens except a system alert sound.

      If I go to the menu bar and choose [ App Name ] -> Quit, nothing happens the first time, but it will quit the second time if that menu option is chosen. If i choose that option once (and it fails) ad then hit Command-Q, the app quits as well.

      I have a button in the application window itself that quits, and clicking that quits the app as expected every time. Here is the relevant code:

      Code to handle window closing / quit event:

      window.nativeWindow.addEventListener(air.Event.CLOSING, this.windowClosingHandler);

      Function that handles said event:

      this.windowClosingHandler = function(event){
      nativeWindow.removeEventListener("closing", self.windowClosingHandler);

      Here is my close button code, which as mentioned, functions as expected every time:

      var doClose = new air.Event(air.Event.CLOSING, true, true);

      Is there another event handler I should be watching for Command-Q / the menu for it to work, or is my code not doing something it should be?

      (Also, no CODE tag??? )