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    AIR Simulator Hangs, Requires Reboot

    GaryRosenzweig Level 1

      So here's a problem I have been dealing with literally for years. I'm working in Animate CC 2017 (2016, 2015, on back). Mac, latest macOS. I'm publishing to the latest release of AIR for iOS. I'm using Command+Return to test. Then make some changes, then test again. Eventually, after enough Command+Returns the simulator refuses to start. I look in the Dock and the Simulator is there. In fact, usually more than one. If I try Command+Return again, I get another Simulator. I can fill the Dock with them. These are all unresponsive and have no visible window. I need to force-quit them to make them go away.


      But that's only part of the problem. When this happens, I can't  get Animate to launch the simulator again without a full reboot. Quitting and restarting Animate doesn't do it. I keep hoping that some minor or major release of Animate or AIR will fix this, but no. Perhaps there is a process in Activity Monitor that I can force-quit to completely reset Animate so it can launch the simulator again? That's what I am hoping for. Any ideas?