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    Adobe Color

    MyYawrood Level 1

      Quite by chance, while viewing a Photoshop tutorial about color, I stumbled on "Adobe Color", where according to the author of the tutorial you can go to create color themes from your own image. 


      So, I close the tutorial - go to "color.adobe.com" and find a website named Adobe Color CC - which I did not know existed. 


      1.  Is Adobe Color CC a new application?

      2.  Can Adobe Color CC be used with Photoshop?

      3.  Are there any User Guides at all and if so, where? 



      Is there any way to convince Adobe to create a general guide page on its website that simply lists in alphabetical order all applications, all services, all learning sites  like Adobe Live;   Adobe Creative Cloud You Tube;  Adobe TV;   Adobe Connect User Community?  And how many more. 


      You no longer have an clue where to go/what to look for/how to find stuff unless you spend hours combing through sites and pages and more sites and pages - it is becoming impossible.  A simple, non-flamboyant (save that for your other pages) dated list of whats available would be wonderful.


      Thank you