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    'Untitled' tab in Acrobat


      Hi, when I open a PDF in a browser Window and then click the Open in Acrobat option, the file opens in Acrobat, but instead of displaying the document title in the tab, the tab shows as 'Untitled'. At this point, the file is a .tmp file. As soon as I save the file, the document title appears in the tab. (See images below.)


      Why is this happening, and is there a way to have the document title show even when the file hasn't been saved locally?





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          Akki_24 Adobe Employee

          Hi Jeanne,


          We apologize for the delay in response to your query.

          The functionality you are looking for, is not available with the pdf opened online via web browser. The PDF file would always show as "Untitled" in the  Acrobat's tab.

          Until the pdf isn't downloaded and save locally in computer then opened through the Acrobat desktop application, it wont show the original name of the file.