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    Please help.


      Hello all,

      Total newbie here with a hopefully simple answer. I am working inside of an adobe form in the run action "coding." I would like to be able to open a PDF file but not to the full screen view, a specified view. I would like it to be resizable once it is opened and maybe a close box but neither of the latter two are necessary. 


      var aIdentification = "Splitter"

      var aSpecs = ["Manufacturer Specs","X.pdf"];

      var cRtn = app.popUpMenu(aIdentification,"-", aSpecs);



      This code shows a menu when the mouse is over the field in a PDF Form. When I click on the X.PDF, I would like it to open to a smaller window that can hopefully be sized prior to opening. Ive googled for quite a few hours but haven't been able to make sense of what to search for. Can anyone help? Thank you in advance!