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    Variable Fonts

    Jane Smith 2300 Level 1

      It seems that v19 only comes with 3 Variable fonts and their variations.


      Where to get more variable fonts?

      Does typekit have variable fonts?

      Will all Adobe fonts be updated to incorporate variable features?





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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          Photoshop uses the font installed on your machine. CC 2018 font test finds 665 fonts on my Windows 10 machine.


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            SG... Adobe Employee

            Hi Phil,


            Yes, there are just a few variable OpenType fonts installed (I count 7). The specification was announced last year so things are still early. You can look here for more info on updates: The Typekit Blog | Variable font technology from Adobe


            Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 8.20.13 PM.png




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              Jane Smith 2300 Level 1

              Thx for the reply.


              Where does Skia Black come from?


              does Typekit have any other variable fonts?  (I couldn’t see any when I looked, but may have missed)



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                SG... Adobe Employee

                That is just 'Skia' actually and it is included in macOS, I believe. I don't know what Typekit currently has, but I can't find anything there either. Maybe ask them on twitter?




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                  Vinod Balakrishan Adobe Employee

                  Photoshop CC 19.0 ships with 6 Variable fonts (not all Adobe fonts are variable fonts), please see the list below. We have a new icon in the font menu to identify variable fonts.  At the moment we don't have any more Variable fonts on TypeKit Server. Skia is a GX Variation font which predates OpenType-Variable font spec.


                  Variable fonts and Axes list

                       Acumin Variable Concept  ( 90 named instances )

                               Weight, Width, Slant

                       Myriad Variable Concept

                              Weight, Width

                        Minion Variable Concept

                              Weight, Opitcal Size

                        Source Code Variable


                        Source Sans Variable


                        Source Serif Variable



                  -Vinod Balakrishnan