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    Update CC




      This morning I installed the new versions of soms Adobe

      apps like Photoshop, Illustrator etc. The old versions

      did not removed by default. I can’t use the old versions, but they are still in my programm-folder. How can I delete them?

      Can anyone help me with this?



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          Vimal_Varshney Adobe Employee

          Hi larat15441740


          Thanks for reaching out to us!


          • If the old apps are still listed in CC Desktop app, you can uninstall them by using the drop-down beside the product name from CC Desktop app.
          • If the old apps are not listed  in CC Desktop app, you can uninstall as :-

                      Win: Go to control panel and trigger the uninstall of the app.

                      Mac: Go to the folder where the app is installed on your machine (by default it is /Applications unless you have selected a custom install location), select your product folder e.g. Adobe Photoshop CC and double click on "Uninstall Adobe Photoshop CC"


          Let us know if your problem is resolved.




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            larat15441740 Level 1

            Thank you Vimal!

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              For me the uninstaller was broken for Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator after having done the update. I removed them by just deleting the entire folders.

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                mbeyrich Level 1



                I have the same problem, running Adobe Photography Abo on macOS High Sierra. After installing the new Versions of Lightroom, Photoshop, Bridge etc. The "old" Versions are also installed.


                These cannot be uninstalled, because the Uninstallers are only Links to nowhere in the Filesystem and also in the Creative Cloud App Uninstall is not possible.


                Is there any other way to uninstall these old Versions?