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    Debugging for iPhone with XCode?

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      Hi folks.


      i wrote my first PhoneGap app in the past week.


      it works lovely on the pc version of phonegap desktop application and phonegap ios App.


      After much struggling I moved over to a MacBook and used Xcode to install the app on my iPhone, which it does perfectly, but with a lot of warnings about cordova library.


      The app loads fine but the first screen is a login but the submit button is not clickable. It’s meant to give alert notifications even if the fields are blank. So either the code is completely broken or the button isn’t clickable.


      Anyone any experience debugging Like this?

      Can you log in a console in XCode while it runs on the phone? Like putting console.log(‘clicked‘) to Check the button is clicking.


      This may be simple but the learning curve the past few days moving from pc to apple, Apple certificates and learning XCode my head is fried now. Id really appreciate some help to get me over the line with it.


      ill need a bit more help after this getting it on to TestFlight. I’m frustrated how close I am to finishing.


      Help me forum, your my only hope.

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          kerrishotts Adobe Employee

          Assuming you're building locally, you can debug your app using Safari. You have to enable remote debugging on your iDevice, and have Developer mode enabled in Safari, but once done, you can connect your device via USB and then debug your app like you would any other web app. See Safari Web Inspector Guide - Apple Developer for more.


          My guess as to your actual issue, though, is that you're running into differences between your app's config.xml and the PhoneGap Developer App's config.xml. PhoneGap Developer is itself a PhoneGap application, and so its config.xml overrides yours... and it's very permissive. So make sure your config.xml is how you want it (be sure to enable whitelisting if you need any network access), and try again.


          Note: You can use Xcode to debug too, but that's mostly for the native side only. To debug JavaScript you need Safari.