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    just installed photoshop, files cannot be found?

    Maggie Balayan

      I had just signed up for the latest adobe creative student package, because i have a macbook 10.9.5, tech support ended up helping me install an older version, for 2014/15.  Apparently I still don't have enough space for it to be updated for 2015, even with my macbook is almost completely empty, the 2014 version opens up fine.  Now when i try to open an image file it says "could not complete your request because the file is not found."  it says that for every single file i try to open in photoshop.  i have not even used this file at all yet so there's no way it may have gotten messed up from saving improperly or changing it in anyway.  What can i do to fix this problem? i have a project and a deadline, please help!