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    Photoshop 2017/2018 bad performance normal?


      Hey everyone.

      Just updated from CC2017 to CC2018.


      A few weeks before I upgraded my workstation for Premiere Pro and I am really happy with the speed now as working with 4k or even 6k is a piece of cake now.


      I am running windows 10 on


      Ryzen 7 1800X K

      32GB/2400 Kingston HyperX Fury

      Nvidia GTX1070

      M.2 500GB Samsung


      I expected Photoshop to gain on performance as well in comparison to my last 2500k processor but it is REALLY bad.

      My 43MP photos opened in camera raw take quite long to apply changes made in grad filters or with the selective adjustment tool.

      The more HDR or panoramic shots I stich the worse it gets I think.

      What is wrong? what can I do?

      I mean while rendering 4k footage like super quickly in premiere and after effects it takes hours to export a 60sec timelapse in photoshop from gopro photos.

      Is this just photoshop or can I actually do sth to get better performances, as the hardware is definitely given.