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    Connection with application




      I know, my problem is offtopic, but I've talked today three times with the Adobe helpdesks and they said, they can't help me, I should write here. When I mentioned, that here, in the Forums don't have a Livefyre product, and forum room, my last helper said it doesn't matter, I can write my problem anywhere, the supporters could help me. So here is my question:


      We depeloped and maintain a website and we use Livefyre in the blog section. It's not working since a few weeks and nobody knows why. It shows a 404 message. You can check it here: https://logmein.hu/#blog/technology-blog-post/614

      I'm new at the our company, so I don't know much about this, and my colleagues don't know the login, and we can't reach the application. We can prove many ways that we are who made and handle the site. Can somebody help us somehow to breathe life into it? 


      Thank you,



      [Writing a question "anywhere" is not good advice, Google indicates Experience Manager... Moved... Mod]

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          smacdonald2008 Adobe Employee

          Are you using Adobe Experience Manager?


          If so - are you seeing any errors in the error log. There has to be a reason why a component stops working.


          By the way - why did support say they cannot help you?

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            CatiSuki Level 1

            I think we don't use Adobe Experience Manager. One of our old colleague made this integration, this is why we don't know anything about it. We don't know the login to the livefyre site, so we can't see anything about it. But it needs to work with the comments what got the site in the last one year. This is why I wrote we can prove many ways that we are who made and handle the site.



            About the support - it was funny.

            The first guy (I think) told me, that he can't help, I have to write my problem on the forum in the Livefyre topic (chat conversation number: 0223458670) because only a supporter could help me.

            I didn't find Livefyre topic in the forum, so I wrote again to the chat helpdesk. He or she said, that I have to call the hungarian helpdesk about my problem. But after we finished the conversation I realized that the number what he/she give me (2073650735) is not a hungarian number, and some prefix number is missing. So I wrote again, and I told the girl (I think) that the number is incorrect, and there is no Livefyre topic in the forum. She told me, that I will get the answer in the forum and the topic is doesn't matter, I can write everywhere I want. I asked back: so maybe the Lightroom topic? She said yes, it doesn't matter where is my question, the supporters will answer for me.

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              Jantzen.Belliston Adobe Employee



              Can I ask you if you're using the legacy free version of Livefyre or the paid version? I ask because the free version was sunset last March and there isn't any support for the free version.


              If you are a paid customer for Livefyre, you can see the documentation at answers.livefyre.com or you can contact support at prioritysupport@livefyre.com.



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                CatiSuki Level 1



                we don't know My last helpdesk chatpartner said it's a free version, but we haven't got any else info about it. Maybe can you check it by the domain? If it's a free version, could we upgrade it to a paid version? Or somehow can we save the datas? If yes, can you help me about our login? As I wrote earlier, we haven't got any access to our account.


                Thank you,


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                  Jantzen.Belliston Adobe Employee

                  Unfortunately, I personally don't have any access to or expertise with that particular product. Try emailing prioritysupport@livefyre.com with your question. They should be able to answer those questions for you.

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                    CatiSuki Level 1

                    Thank you, Jantzen!