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    Using actionScript to speed up movie clip causes wierd problems

      I am using the script below to speed up a movieclip

      onClipEvent (load) {
      NF=function(); {
      setInterval (NF, 1000/fps);

      Well a button inside this movie clip links to another "parent" movieclip. When the button is clicked on it speeds through the parent movieclip ignoring the stops at a rather rapid pace untill it runs into the frame label where this movie clip being speeded up resides in the parent movie clip, then it stops and returns to normal.

      Does anyone know how to prevent this happening? I know it works cause there are 3 other buttons that work like a charm without being speeded up using the above script.

      Or does anyone know a different way to speed up the movieclip aside from using the above script?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!