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    Feature Request: (multiple) Transform multiple layers, pathfinder...

    Motoed-Work Level 1

      I have a few sticking points I really want in Adobe Draw...


      1. Transform multiple layers: I'd find it useful to be able to select multiple layers and scale portions of a drawing. I realize you can send it to desktop and adjust stuff there. But I'm more interested in completing pieces directly on the Ipad and adjusting, outputting and sharing and save the time at the desktop for client work. 
      2. Merging: as a workaround to the issue above, I've tried to merge layers and then scale, but if I have layers with a different blend mode, the colors don't always retain the same colors and the artwork "shifts". 
      3. Pathfinder: I've had some issues with transferring artwork to desktop and then scaling. I get an error message of artwork will be too complex. If you layer multiple strokes somewhat overtop of each other, Draw remembers each stroke. It would be nice if "on export" the app did a sort of "pathfinder" function to do some additional point clean up. I've tried simplify and pathfinder techniques inside Illustrator, but that ends up a bit more extensive then I'd hope it would be.  I've looked for some tutorials and tips on dealing with this because I can't imagine I'm the only one.