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      I work with packaging on a daily basis creating visuals mostly by taking an actual photograph and distorting screen shots on each panel.


      Dimension CC could seriously save me time by the looks of it. I was using Felix the other day and I was able to select individual panels, I can't seem to do that in Dn CC.


      I can apply decals as PNGs which is ideal and if there was a scale to fit panel option that would be even better.


      Can anyone help with...


      1. Selecting individual panels in Dn CC?

      2. Applying Decals individual Decals to each panel?

      3. Creating a transparent window on the top of the box?(possibly create this as transparent PNG)

      4. The ability to send this render as a file that can be rotated and viewed all around?


      I know this is a lot to ask and it's pretty new to me but this would seriously help my workflow and help A LOT with presentations and product approvals.


      Any feedback is much appreciated.



          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

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            JeanetteMathews Adobe Employee (Admin)

            Hello!  You can select things in a few ways:

            • In the Move, Rotate, and Scale tools check the tool options for "Group Select".  When this is on you'll select groups by default and can use Cmd (Mac) and Ctrl (Windows) + Click to "direct select" component objects.  If you toggle Group Select off then you'll select individual objects by default and can use Cmd/Ctrl to select groups.
            • You can also use the Magic Wand tool to select pieces of objects.


            Decals have a limitation of 1 decal per material at this time.  We will increase the number of decals in the future.  For now you will need to apply different materials to the different faces in order to have a decal on each side.


            There is no easy way to create a transparent window at this time.  We do not have tutorials but box packaging is something we're interested in exploring more direct workflows for.


            There is no 3D output at this time. 


            Please provide ideas and suggestions in our feedback portal where users can vote and we will provide status updates:  Adobe Dimension CC Feedback Portal

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              DAG82 Level 1

              Hi Jeanette,


              Thanks so much for the quick reply.


              I have tried the magic wand tool and it's allowing me to select individual panels on the cube I am using, which is ideal.


              The ability to apply individual decals for each panel of the model would be a possible suggestion from my point of view. There is another way I think could work I haven't tried yet, which would be to apply the full flat artwork of the packaging as a decal apply the correct dimensions to the Model and hopefully distort or possibly scale to fit(if that is an option?).


              Is there an option to edit an existing template to match real life dimensions (or a scaled version) of what I am working on? Then in theory it should just drop in place for the decal to cover the full model?


              It a great piece of software and I have been experimenting for years to make this part of my job less time consuming and I think this would definitely help.


              I will go onto the feedback portal and put my suggestions on.


              Thanks again

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                chrisprufer Level 1

                Would you know what parameters to use when exporting OBJ's from 3dsmax so that the decal spreads evenly as it does on stock objects?

                I've tried all standard parameters in 3dsmax yet I still couldn't get the same effect as with the stock objects.. Help!

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                  JeanetteMathews Adobe Employee (Admin)

                  Adobe Stock is highly curated and every asset is hand checked for best results.  At this time we do not have any tutorials or guides for creating 3D models in 3rd party software.  Creating good UVs is definitely an artform and it's important to have really good UVs for the best texture and image work.  I can't provide details on how to do it because it's different in every app, but generally here are some best practices:

                  • Apply a checker texture and use that as a guide when creating UVs. The goal is to lay out your UVs and relax them in a way that the checker pattern is as even and square as possible across the entire surface.
                  • Avoid overlapping UVs unless you explicitly want two areas to be identical in which case they should be mirrored.
                  • Avoid out of bound UVs.  Use the 0-1 space provided by the UV editor and do not go outside.
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                    I would also like to find out the best way to export obj files for Dimension CC

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                      bitterpablo Level 1

                      Hi Jeaneete, im also a packaging designer hwo would love to use Dn CC, but yes it  ill be graet to apply different graphics to different sides of a cube or pack, and also a much more accurate way of creating the right size and proportion to fit exactly the design in the surface, that means if i hafe a lets say 20 x 30 cm surface box, and i make a grafic that is that size ( 20x30 ) : a way to exactly fit in the 3d model surface... thx!!