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    Microsoft Surface Studio compatible with CC?




      Does anyone use the Microsoft Surface Studio? and if so, could you tell me if it's fully compatible with Adobe Creative cloud?

      (Like the extra tools the use with the studio, pen and magnetic turn device).


      Best regards,



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          RjL190365 Level 4

          I do not have one, but the original Surface Studio series uses last-generation hardware such as a quad-core Skylake CPU and a Maxwell (as opposed to the newer Pascal) GPU (and a mobile one, at that). It is equipped with a lousy SATA III hybrid combo drive instead of a good, fast m.2 PCIe SSD.


          Because of this and also because of its very high price, the overall performance is nowhere near commensurate with the total cost (or put it this way, at its current street price that particular all-in-one Windows desktop PC is way too expensive for what performance it delivers).

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            DoctorMu Level 1

            I use the Surface Pro 3 (500gb, 8gb ram) and I LOVE it;  It handles almost all Lightroom, Lightroom plugins, and Photoshop very well.   O It can also handle alot of basic Premiere stuff -- you start getting into problems with Lumetri use.  The rendering times can be kidna slow -- it's it's really nice to render on the go.  Especially while doing video, it's a good idea to shut down other sames to save memory and resources.  I have to say, I'v elearned a lot abnout Adobe on this Surface Pro.  Now tat I'm getting more serious with video, I'm looking at larger systems

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              Hessel Level 1

              Hi Thank you for your respons!


              So, it works and it's compatible?! I understand that the power under the hood is essential for the line of work you do. Main reason I ask this question is that I need to know if Adobe is compatible with the touch features of the device. Any experience with Illustrator and the Surface?


              Thanks again.

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                DoctorMu Level 1

                I've only barely scratched the surface with Illustrator, but from what I could tell, it works perfectly with the stylus, etc.  I used some other illustration programs and also had great results.


                I think you'll have no difficulties.

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                  I have the top of the line Surface Studio.  It works great with parts of CC.


                  Photoshop - amazing.  I will never use a wacom tablet again.  Seems to handle anything I throw at it in PS (I do a lot of composite work so can have literally hundreds of layers).  For people that do a lot of selections and cut outs this machine is a game changer.


                  Lightroom - Awesome.  No complaints.


                  Illustrator - no complaints but I have only done some basic graphics so far.  I like using the pen with the pen tool, though...


                  Premiere - Not really.  It can do ok if you like to wait around for rendering and deal with crashes. I think it is just too much even with running usb hardrives for cache and projects.


                  After Effects - Same deal


                  Audition - seems to work ok for what I do but that is related back to the Premiere so I likely will use my rendering machine for that work.