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    Secondary Monitor and colors

    ppdix Level 1

      I can't seem to find a way to display anything on my secondary monitor. On the previous version of LR it is available. I don't use a laptop and need the 2 screens.

      There are no view options for grid view. I want to see the name of the file at a glance and it doesn't show anywhere unless you clic the "I" icon.

      Also, No coloring of the grid. Only star ratings up to 5. Previously, you had 10 ratings available instead of just 5.

      The same goes for a rating of "0" which means no rating. I could basically select all unrated images by clicking off the stars on the attributes and select all to remove the images not rated and throw them in the trash...

      Adobe stripped off too many options. I like the new design and cleaner interface and speed but it is way too different and with way too many less options than before. The same thing happened to Apple when they discontinued Aperture in favor of the horrible and useless Photos App.

      I, for one, can't use the new LR CC. It lost too many of the features I have been using for years and the single monitor support. The interface is so simple that it makes me afraid that something might be lost...

      I don't want to sync anything to the cloud.

      I also lost the Pixieset plugin that I use everyday to upload photos for clients.

      I am extremely disappointed at this update. It's not a worthy upgrade. It's a downgrade... I can't work with it.
      I have been a Pro photographer for 15 years and shoot over 10,000 photos a month which I need to organize quickly and easily.
      This new version seems to be for beginners.