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    PS 2018 actions/droplets problems

    electricFIELD Level 1



      After updating to PS 2018 yesterday my actions have been stalling at different points. I've started getting the '_______ action is not available' dialog box and batch processing stops.


      I use Droplets to batch process sets of images. I have simple actions set up like converting images from RGB to CMYK, to Sharpen, 72dpi to 300dpi etc. But the process keeps stopping at random points, could be on image 6 one time or image 56 for example the next time, even running the same set of pics through it. There is no set pattern of behaviour.


      I've tried reinstalling PS 2018 several times. I've done a preferences reset. I've even re-created all the actions and droplets from scratch. It's still stalling at random points.


      So I decided to reinstall PS 2017, import the newer actions I re-created, and it works fine on the old software! So I can't figure out what I am doing wrong other than this being a bugged release.


      Can anyone help?