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    LR Trial


      I downloaded the LR mobile app and to my understanding it is totally free to use. I am aware that you can upgrade to use additional features. However, when I used the app today it says I habe 21 days remaining on my trial. “Trial” what Trial? The app is supposed to be free. There was nothing stated when I downloaded this app that it would only be a, what I’m assuming is a 30-day trial. Can someone explain to me what’s going on with this?





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          Michael J. Hoffman Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Tia,


          When you first sign in, you are granted a trial period where ALL the features are available. Once the trial period is over, if you haven’t subscribed, the features will roll back to include just the free functionality (I.e. no cloud access and photos stay on the original device only).



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            tias8098845 Level 1



            Got it, thanks for the clarification!



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              greule Adobe Employee

              With the most recent Lr Mobile version the behavior is a bit different. When you sign-in the first time then we offer an in-app-purchase to give access to premium features like RAW editing, Search, Selective edits + syncing . Hope this helps. - Guido

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                I am very confused by who gets a trial and who doesn't when you already have an existing membership. I have only ever been able to use the trial on the new and old versions of this, despite having an enterprise account provided by my institution. I have spoken to our IT department, who assured me that I should have full access to this, and a quick search of the forums shows lots of others who are having this problem, but no real solution. The only thing they could suggest is that it could be because I also have a Creative Cloud Free membership linked to my Adobe account, for some reason, however I am unable to remove this myself. Would this be the cause of the problem, and how can it be removed?

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                  greule Adobe Employee

                  Hi Richard. When you sign-in via the login-screen did you choose "Sign in with an Enterprise ID"? This should give you the correct account state. Let me know if that work. - Guido/ Lr Mobile QE

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                    dlk2000 Level 1

                    I have just signed out and tried this again, but it is still on the trial

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                      greule Adobe Employee

                      Ok. Let me double check with our server-team. I'll come back to you as soon I have an update.

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                        The free trial happened automatically with me kind of strange anyway to roll it back or you just got to dive in and when it's over it's over huh??