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    DRM Print Permissions being circumvented

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      I am using a DRM called Editionguard for my ebooks. Print permissions are set on ebooks via their web interface. When an ebook is downloaded and opened in ADE (login with AdobeID, authorize computer), the DRM permission allows printing up to a MAX page count of 2. However, this limit can be exceeded for unknown reasons.


      I have done all the troubleshooting with Editionguard support: Uninstall ADE, de-authorize Adobe ID, create new AdobeID, create new ebooks with same DRM settings. Also tried these on multiple different computers entirely, with the same results. Editionguard claims the DRM setting is working on THEIR end and thus sent me to Adobe for support, which only this forum is available (correct me if i'm wrong!).


      Slim chance anyone will have any advice to offer, but thanks for reading anyways...!


      The images below show the item info of a 2 page ebook which DRM is set to print a MAX of 2 pages (1 copy).

      However, I am able to print (for example) 6 pages (3 copies).

      After the first print run which is over the max pages allowed, it denies further print runs.

      Why is it allowing over the max pages to print during the first print run?


      Item info BEFORE printing above the max allowed of 2 pages. It correctly shows the DRM settings set to allow printing of 2 pages.

      As an example, I will print 6 pages (3 copies):

      Before printing above max allowed 1 copy of 2 pages.png

      Printing 3 copies, which is 2 copies MORE than the max allowed. It successfully printed 3 copies (6 pages):

      Printing 3 copies - max allowed is 1 copy of 2 pages.png

      Item info AFTER printing more than the max pages allowed. There are zero pages allowed to print. Print function is now disabled.

      After printing 3 copies - above max allowed 1 copy of 2 pages.png

      Again.... why does the first print run circumvent the DRM permission??