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    MAJOR- 2018 InDesign and InCopy Error Code 14

    CmdVolken Level 1

      Hello there good crew of Adobe!


      I work at a magazine publisher and our team just updated to the latest 2018 Adobe CC releases, the new illustrator tools are wonderful by the way.


      However we have hit a major snag. In the latest 2018 release of inDesign and inCopy someone currently has an inDesign document open, and someone tries to access the same document via inCopy document, they are given the Error Code 14 (Which claims the document is open elsewhere preventing access). Oddly enough though, if the team member opens the document with inCopy first then the other member can access the document with inDesign without the Error 14.


      This is a new issue that was never present before until the 2018 release.


      This is a major problem for us as we have a team of designers and editors constantly working on the same collection of inDesign files, and we have a major print date to hit.


      I love your products and have been a member for years but I need help!


      Thank you so much and all the best!

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