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      Why would I switch to Lightroom CC when there is no print module?


      Also...half the links in this discussion forum are 404 errors.....!!!!!!!!

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          selondon Level 4

          It's version 1 and there's a lot missing.


          I imagine it is in the pipeline.

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            logosale Level 1

            Oh yes I really appreciate that. I'm just wondering why I should invest time in this when I have so much to do already and Lightroom classic does the job.


            I'm confused about the point of it.

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              logosale Level 1

              PS...did you mark your own answer as the ultimate answer to my question?

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                Brad Lawryk Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                logosale  wrote


                Oh yes I really appreciate that. I'm just wondering why I should invest time in this when I have so much to do already and Lightroom classic does the job.


                I'm confused about the point of it.

                You don't need to switch if the Classic is working for you. The new app will eventually catch up and you can make the switch then. Time is money, choose the workflow that suits you personally. :-)

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                  I've read a lot of posts on the printing topic. I guess I don't understand the point of Lightroom (Non-Classic) CC. What is the workflow it is good for? It seems to me that, for example, Mac Photos does more, also provides cloud storage, editing, printing, etc. I'm honestly confused as to why Adobe would release LR this way. I feel like I have to be missing something. What is the use case for pro-sumers, who I would think would be the target audience for this type of product?


                  I was already a CC customer, so it's not like I'm out anything, but I started migrating my photos to LR thinking it was, at least mostly, a replacement for LR Classic, only cloud-based, which would have been very helpful to me. Does Adobe explain any of their intentions anywhere? I'm not trolling here. I truly want to understand.

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                    JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    This is my own personal take on it. Over the years  it seems that a lot of users have come to Lightroom expecting everything to be in the cloud. A lot of users today want that feature. They use Facebook and Instagram primarily, and aren't looking at "heavy" postprocessing. The original Lightroom was designed for professional photographers. And while many professional photographers have adopted its workflow, many hobbyists and casual users have tried to make it work for their situations and have become frustrated. So it seems that Adobe is attempting to provide the best of both worlds. The new Lightroom CC is greatly simplified. No catalog to worry about, instant access on multiple devices, keywords not necessary, etc. It seems that many users are grabbing onto it and loving it. For those of us who understand the Lightroom catalog and appreciate and use it, it's frustrating right now to use the new Lightroom CC because many features are currently missing. Adobe has stated that they are going to continue to support and develop Lightroom Classic CC as well as develop this new Lightroom CC platform. Many are skeptical. Discussions have gone on and on and on and on and on about whether or not Classic will continue.  PLEASE don't start another one!!! It isn't worth it. Nobody knows. I, for one, am continuing to use Classic primarily. I play around with Lightroom CC a little bit trying to understand what can and cannot be done, waiting to see what develops as the program matures. While I understand this isn't going to answer your question, hopefully it will give you a little different perspective on the new Lightroom CC.

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                      JonnieCache Level 1

                      Thank you for the reply. No, I have no intention of starting another thread like that. I don't believe that these types of forums are a good place to make your voice heard for most companies. It doesn't make sense to me. But, maybe that's by design. I'm not the target user for CC. I'll stick with Classic and keep a watchful eye on CC. I don't mind minimal editing capabilities, but I have to have a print engine to make CC work for me. I don't want to have to open in PS every time I want to print. I'm still in love with Classic, so I'll be sticking with that.



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                        whsprague Adobe Community Professional

                        logosale  wroteI


                        Why would I switch to Lightroom CC when there is no print module?


                        Canon and Epson make a lot of printers aimed at photography.   They are the ones with 6 or more cartridges.  Maybe they make most of them!


                        The Canon Pro-100 is in very wide use and makes outstanding prints. I have one.  It came with excellent printing software that even includes some sophisticated calibration techniques.  It may even be better than the Print module in (old) Lightroom Classic 2018 CC (folder based). 


                        So, from (new) Lightroom (cloud) CC, right click, pick save to and put it in a temp folder.  Open the Canon or Epson printer software and make your print.


                        Frankly, for the tablet/phone/Instagram/Facebook/website group that (cloud) LR CC seems aimed at, a Print module would be last on my priority list.  Prints are what we used to do in darkrooms when we didn't have the internet.  And, a high quality 13x19 print on my printer or at a service is around $5.  Only two prints and you're spending the kind of money for an Adobe CC subscription.     


                        (FWIW, the Canon Pro-100 is selling for $60 right now in the USA.  It comes with 50 big sheets of paper, a full set of ink, an American Express rebate card and an additional discount.  The net result is you spend $60 for around $140 of supplies and a "free" printer. You will make about a dozen prints before you need a little more ink.)


                        Happy printing!!