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    How to un- and re- install Photoshop Extension Manager

    davidc1815 Level 4

      I am trying to uninstall the extension MagicPicker 5.2 and install 5.3 but can not get extension manager to do this.  Does anyone have extension manager working correctly in Photoshop CC2018?  I have uninstalled the extension manager in Add Remove Programs but it is still in the W10 Pro list of Adobe applications and is still working in CC2018. It is very very slow and MagicPicker 5.2 is so slow to load it is unusable.  That is why I am trying to install 5.3.  A futher complication is that Norton Security is zapping MagicPicker zxp file as a threat before it installs.  A mess.  I do want a circular colour picker and like the tone lock on Magicpicker but it is not playing nicely now.  Grateful for any advice.