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    Combine 2 Text fields and Checkbox Value then populate within text field




      I am trying to combine two text fields and a check box value into a line of its own within a text field. 


      Clients are able to select one of 7 color options (Check Box1), 1 of 200 text options (Message Number_01) and the location (Location01) for 1 complete product.  There are 81 total products. I need these options for each product to populate on a summary page within a text field with the "Off" on the check box to remove that line. Each of these three options should concatenate onto one line




      PP012 Pink Message # 101 (25)

      PP058 Green Message # 25 (Wall 3)


      Here is the basic script I was trying to use:


      // Get the field values, as strings

      var s1 = getField("Check Box1").valueAsString + " " + "Message #" + getField("Message Number_01").valueAsString + "Location" + getField("Location01").valueAsString;


      var s2 = getField("Check Box2").valueAsString + " " + "Message #" + getField("Message Number_02").valueAsString + "Location" + getField("Location02").valueAsString;



      // array of field names to process;

      var aFieldNames = new Array(s1, s2);


      // array for non-"Off" values;

      var aValues = new Array();


      // loop through the fields and add the non-"Off" filed values to the array;

      for(var i = 0; i < aFieldNames.length; i++) {

      if(this.getField(aFieldNames[i]).valueAsString != "Off") aValues.push(this.getField(aFieldNames[i]).valueAsString);

      } // end loop processing field values;


      // set the value of the text field to the concatenated non-"Off" field values;

      event.value = aValues.join("\n");