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    Need to Know Fees and Cancellation Policy upfront

    katherinem2521779 Level 1

      I have a Creative Cloud subscription. I received emails that it would be cancelled unless I renewed. I went online. There WAS NO INFORMATION on HOW MUCH the subscription cost or what cancellation fee was.  All it did was ask me for my credit card.


      Maybe it was naive of me, but I put in my credit card info. They charged me more than what I was paying last year (it was through my university) AND now they are charging me a cancellation fee for FIVE MINUTES of activation!


      I know this is supposed to be a discussion board  - but someone at Adobe has to realize how this is not an ethical business practice.


      Why can't I look up what I am being charged through my account? Why can't they give me the details of what I am signing up for before getting my credit card details.