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    Not enough disk space to complete the migration

    j4m3z0r Level 1

      I'm trying to migrate my catalog to Lightroom CC, and I'm seeing the message "Not enough disk space to complete the migration: Lightroom CC needs enough space to copy your photos and videos before uploading to the cloud".


      The photos are all stored on a fileserver, and there's far too many of them to copy to my workstation's hard drive. I tried to work around this by setting the local folder in Lightroom CC to a folder on my fileserver (with the requisite amount of space available), but it doesn't change the situation.


      I want to use Lightroom CC precisely because I can't fit these files on my PC.


      How can I complete the migration so I can try LR CC out?


      In case it's relevant, I'm currently running this on a Windows 10 PC.