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    InDesign CC 2018 Crashes when using Eyedropper Tool

    rh2345 Level 1

      I've tried all day to use the Eyedropper tool in InDesign CC 2018. Every time I click anywhere with the eyedropper tool the program crashes. Is this happening to anyone else? It is specifically happening to text within a table.


      Since I am using a document that was first created in InDesign CC 2017 I did some testing to see if that was the issue. It appears it does not matter which version of InDesign a document was originally created in as I tried creating a new document to see if I could replicate the issue. Same thing happened - to text specifically within a table.


      I then did some more testing and created a brand new document and tried the eyedropper tool within normal text boxes, not a table, and the eyedropper tools works just fine. I then created a table in that new document and tried to use the eyedropper tool....crashed again. So it appears it is only happening to my text inside a table.


      So frustrating, HELP!!



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