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    Lightroom CC and Smart Previews

    epaulus01 Level 1

      Been looking through this forum and much like some other individuals, I am trying to get my head wrapped around the changes to Lightroom CC.  I was looking through the following link and had a question.




      In the flowchart, it seems to indicate that if you don't want your photos backed up to the cloud but want to view and edit your photos on a laptop, tablet, etc., then you need the photography plan.  That was the plan I was leaning towards anyways.  The flowchart for workflow goes on to say that you would import your originals to Lightroom Classic and sync Smart Previews to the cloud to be able to access them in Lightroom CC.


      If I am reading this correctly, is this a workaround for those that have more than 1TB of photos?  In other words, the Smart Previews are significantly smaller in size (I have around 1.5TB of photos but the smart preview file (YourCatalogName Smart Previews.LRData) is only 3.5GB) so if you are able to only sync the smart previews and still be able to edit via Lightroom CC, the 20GB in the Photography Plan would be sufficient.  Is this understanding completely off target?  Seems like it would work, but I am unable to test this as I still am working with Lightroom 5.

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          selondon Level 4

          Pretty much spot on in my opinion. It’s just like the previous sync from LrD to LrM. You would still have to create collections and sync them though I believe.

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            Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Yes that's correct. Lightroom Classic only syncs files from collections that are marked to sync. Then it only syncs the smart preview and not the actual raw file. If you indeed have terabytes of images your REALLy do not want to migrate your catalog to Lightroom CC. It will cause you to first duplicate all images on your local hard drives and then duplicate again if you sync still in Lightroom Classic. Also note that Lightroom CC misses about 4/5 of the features in Lightroom Classic. There is no Printing for example, no advanced Develop features, only a flat keyword hierarchy and many more things that are essential for a full photography program. If all you do is iPhone images, never used Lightroom before, and have only a few images, never print, etc. Lightroom CC is easier to get started at. The reproduction of your catalog everywhere is neat. I am sure LR CC will get updated with features over time but it might take a while.

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              I am pretty new to lightroom. since I only work on photos pre lightroom CC on my local workstation I turned off smart previews. I am starting think I should use them.


              How do I save the smart previews to lightroom CC ? I am reading all over the place to save on light room CC so I can do the edits remotely, etc... and read the link for the flow chart but stock on how to actually do this.

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                selondon Level 4

                It sounds me you are using Lightroom Classic.


                If that’s correct this may help....


                How to sync Lightroom Classic CC desktop and the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC mobile app