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    Lightroom CC stuck "Syncing 1 Photo" for hours

    e61 Level 1

      I just excitedly, potentially, foolishly migrated my Lightroom Classic library to the new Lightroom CC.


      It's been powering along with the upload - my library isn't huge at 200gb, and the fibre has held up well.  The app is now stuck 'Syncing 1 Photo', and has been for hours.


      Looking at network traffic in/out of my machine I can see there's nothing happening (unlike the 20mb/sec I've been seeing for most of the day).  So I don't think there is actually an upload happening.


      Is there a way to debug and find out what single image is potentially stuck?  The new interface is very light on information.


      Things I've tried...

      • Restart Lightroom CC
      • Reboot


      Running: Mac OS 10.13 High Sierra, v1 Lightroom CC

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