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    While using full screen, a vertical line is visible.



      I use translator because I can not use English. Even if the sentence is strange, please understand.

      main text

      I found a broken vertical line while drawing. One line is fixed at the center of the screen.

      This does not appear in normal mode.
      This will appear when you press the F key to enter full-screen mode. (In both cases)

      Even if I change the screen resolution or move the Photoshop window to the sub monitor, it still appears when using full-screen mode. It is not related to zoom.

      This does not corrupt the image itself, but I can take a screenshot.

      It does not seem to affect the main menu or toolbar. It is fixed at the center of the screen while using full-screen mode, and only the image area has effect.




      I do not know if it's related, but I formatted three days ago and now I am using Windows 10 Redstone 3, nvidia 970. The drivers are all up to date.


      I did not find a solution or similar question. An answer is required. I would appreciate it if you could.


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          Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

          Hi irisrien,


          As you've mentioned that you're noticing a vertical line while drawing in Photoshop, Do you think this is also  the issue you're facing Photoshop CC 2018: Healing and Spot Healing Brush Lag | Photoshop Family Customer Community

          Alo, Do you face this issue if you disable the "Use graphics processor" in Preferences >Performance  and restart Photoshop?


          Let us know if that helps.




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            Finally find someone with the same problem!


            I also have formatted my computer few days ago. Did you notice some performance change, especially with the brush strokes? Did you formatted by that "Recovery" options too?
            Other thing I noticed is that horrible "Press and Hold" option didn't work in photoshop but still work in every else.


            Maybe its the formatting doing something wrong in the process.

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              the vitamin b12 Level 1

              Hi irisrien


              I have had the exact same problem.


              For me the solution was to roll back the graphics card driver to an earlier version via Device Manager.


              Hope this works for you.


              All the best



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                I'm having this same issue.


                There's a vertical line running down the middle of the Photoshop window when in Fullscreen mode. It stays static in the middle as you move the canvas around.


                Looking really close, it seems like it renders the same screen pixels twice next to each other and half of the window is displaced one pixel to the side.


                It goes away if I disable GPU support (Nvidia 1080 Ti, latest drivers), but I use the "Rotate Canvas" tool a lot, so that's not really an option and since the line runs down the middle of the screen, it's really intrusive.


                (On that note, I also have an issue with GPU support stopping working at random - locking out the functions, but says are still active in the preferences menu - if I leave Photoshop idle for a while or if computer had been in sleep mode. Requiring a full restart of Photoshop to fix.)


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                  Same problem here...

                  In addittion (like Hushabye_Valley) I have the same Gpu problem when I put my pc on "sleep mode". When I restart, animated zoom is disable and I can not use it without closing and opening my file again.

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                    irisrien Level 1

                    It has been resolved in your way.


                    I can not say all of my feelings because of the translator problem, but I just want to say that I really appreciate you.


                    thank you. Good luck to all of you.




                    The following article is written for those who have experienced the same problem.


                    However, the driver that can be obtained from nvidia homepage has not been solved. There are only 20 of the latest available, and they have not been resolved.


                    In my case, it was solved with a very early driver (355.82 15/08/24) which can be obtained from the manufacturing company homepage. The 'proper' version between them was not found on the internet...


                    If you have a problem, try using the earliest available driver.