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    Webpage closes on entry - flash problem?

      When I go to open certain webpages - doesn't seem to be anything in common that I can see, (but then I don't get to open them, either), they close down the browser. Has happened at WWBIC homepage, when I went to open an ecard, and just whenever.... Happens on both IE and FF. I am told it might have something to do with Flash. I also don't seem to be able to uninstall my flash, or reinstall it for that matter. I have perused the site and have come up with two possibilities....the most likely seems to be something to so with the Apr. 8 update. That is approx the time the problem started. The other could be some registration problem, but since I've had flash as long as I've had the puter - well over a year, that seems unlikely to me. Unless, again, it might have something to do with an update. Big puter dummy here. Anyone got any ideas?? Thank you ahead of time! :)