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    Display fonts@web

    tobiase74599568 Level 1



      I've got 3 questions concerning a similar topic. I am using Adobe XD on Windows 10.


      1. Which fonts are able to be displayed online in my XD Work?
        Everything is fine if I want to show my XD Work internal on my computer but if there's an external partner it shows standard fonts.
      2. Are there open source web fonts (like Google Fonts) integraded in XD? Can I use p.e. Roboto of Google Fonts to avoid to above topic?
      3. Is it possible to integrate web fonts manager (like Skyfonts) for displaying my XD Work? And showing not open source font licences but bought ones connected to account?


      Thx in advance


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          ankushr40215001 Level 7

          Hey Tobias,


          Do you mean that when you preview the projects on external devices like a phone or other computers there is a difference in font rendering, correct?


          If this is what your query is, please allow us some time as we are looking into the case.


          If not then would you mind providing more details? Few screenshots will help us more identifying the issue.




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            Dan Rodney Adobe Community Professional

            XD uses any font installed on your computer. That means you can use SkyFonts, TypeKit, etc. to load fonts onto your computer and then use them in XD.


            Before using a font in your design, be should verify that it's licensed for your intended purpose (web, app, etc).

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              tobiase74599568 Level 1

              Hi Ankush,

              I mean an external Browser somewhere at a clients office.


              1. I create my XD Work at my computer with fonts installed at my computer and/or connected with e.g. SkyFonts.
              2. I want to send a client a link with my uploaded XD Work for checking it.


              --> Here's the point: If I use a font installed on my computer everything is fine when I look at it. But if the client looks at my upload XD Work after clicking the link my work is not similar because of the not available fonts.


              I want to know if there are Webfonts that will look similar on any browser independent which fonts are locally installed on the use computer. Something like this used in HTML: <link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Roboto" rel="stylesheet">.






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                elainecc Adobe Employee

                This is always kind of a crapshoot. We don't embed fonts in the file due to licensing issues. However, you can share to the web, and your fonts will be flattened into the shared image, giving your customer the right view.




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